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​Kenley Preval is an MD/Ph.D. candidate aspiring to be a physician-scientist. He is passionate about medicine, basic science research, mentoring, and improving representation in medicine and science. His experience as a first-generation, inner-city youth affords him an intimate understanding of challenges while pursuing a science or medicine career. He aims to contribute to a future generation of healthcare professionals with a foundational comprehension of the importance of healthcare equity, diversity, and representation.


IAMU, Improving Academic Medicine Underrepresentation, is a non-profit that provides longitudinal consistent positive reinforcement, encouragement, and community building. IAMU implements interactive discussions, which foster intentional conversations concerning obstacles faced by minority pre-health from broad disciplines. IAMU teaches students to construct sound, engrossing, self-advocating resumes and personal statements. Their mentorship philosophy is executed by participating health professionals across all fields and practiced onto highly motivated underrepresented undergraduates pursuing a career in medicine. IAMU promotes holistic pre-professional mentees by honing their soft skills: time management, strategic planning, communication, community building, internship placement, and self-advocacy.

  • Our Mission
    IAMU provides structured programming, mentorship, and goal-setting strategies to increase the number of underrepresented applicants pursuing careers in healthcare.
  • Our Vision
    •We provide intentional and holistic support to underrepresented undergraduates and baccalaureates pursuing a career in medicine. We support students with structured programming, academic resources, and career building. We promote self-advocacy, skill-building, and professional development.
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